BHLDN and The Black Tux – A Perfect Pairing
The Black Tux and BHLDN join to create the perfect tux for today’s woman. When it comes to wedding planning, not every bride is looking to say “yes” to a dress. For those brides who don’t see themselves walking down the aisle in a white gown, or even a... Read more
Breaking the Rules of Engagement, Helzberg Diamonds Introduces The “Will You?” Ring
The “Will You?” ring from Helzberg Diamonds is breaking all the rules of engagement… And we love it! Many couples dream of that moment when one partner gets on bended knee and asks the big question with a small box – but what if their partner doesn’t love the... Read more
Your Spring Wedding Guide
One of the reasons we love spring time for weddings is because it brings the promises of new beginnings. From greenery beginning to appear to temperatures starting to rise, spring has a feeling that is fresh, hopeful and enduring. That feeling of starting something new is exactly the feeling... Read more
Luxury Bridal Jumpsuits and Two-pieces You’ll LOVE!
These luxury bridal jumpsuits and two-pieces from the awarded House of Ollichon is the only dress-less bridal collection in the world. They offer fashion forward brides a range of luxury bridal jumpsuits and two-pieces all handmade in London. Using beautiful French laces and British embellishments the House of Ollichon bridal collection promises to offer... Read more
Gay Pride Bow Ties
Gay Pride Bow Ties Mission Statement: It does not matter if you are Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Intersex, an Ally or any other affiliation, it is important to know that we need to coexist as a society and love and respect each other. Above all, this is what the rainbow... Read more