12 Bride + Bride Attire Ideas for Your Lesbian Wedding
Deciding what to wear on any given day is difficult enough let alone on the day where you marry the love of your life. You might feel the need to match your partner, which can be daunting when you two have opposite styles. If you’re in need of some... Read more
The Best Suits for Your Fashion-Forward Gay Wedding
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The Perfect Holiday Bow Tie
Beau Ties Ltd. has handmade ties and bow ties (made in the US) which are the perfect gift for any men in your life with price points starting at $38 for bow ties and $48 for neckties. All styles are available for children, teens and mens and can be customized accordingly.... Read more
Balking Tradition in Favor of More Inclusive Wedding Parties
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Bridal Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2016 (and beyond)
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